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Listen More Than You Talk
Eric Collins, 12/17/2017

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but WORDS will never hurt me.” Possibly one of the most quoted nursery rhymes (if you want to call it that), that parents use for advice during times where words have hurt their children. If we are honest with ourselves, this is one of the greatest lies that have ever been told. Words can hurt! Words can...

You Count!
Strength for the Journey, 12/10/2017

Each time a census year rolls around in our country, much money and energy are invested in trying to persuade individuals that they count. Every tool short of physical force is used to convince people of the importance of being counted. The major argument seems to be that our getting our share of the pie depends on it. For a very different...

Am I Full-Time or Part-Time?
Mike Webb, 12/3/2017

We had a special service on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to praise our God and thank Him for all the wonderful things He has done for us. We had a period of singing. We had men share what they were thankful for and offer encouragement from God’s Word. One of our elders, Rodney Mathis, shared some things with us that were very encouraging, and...

Diamond In the Rough
Mike Webb, 11/26/2017

One spring, sometime before the Civil war, a young man looking for work came to Worthy Taylor’s farm in Ohio. The farmer didn’t knowing anything about the boy except that his name was Jim, but he gave him a job. Jim spent the summer cutting stove wood, bringing in the cows, and making himself generally useful around the farm. He ate in the...


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